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About SEC, LLC

Safety Education Consortium, LLC (SEC, LLC.) is a consortium based corporation providing the most comprehensive educational experience for the desired class.  SEC, LLC is designed to match the best companies and instructors with those requesting top notch education backed by a leading accreditation firm.  Our experience through the consortium is second to none in Fire, EMS, HazMat, and specialized education.  We also offer OSHA safety classes and complete site specific Integrated Contingency Planning.

SEC, LLC is designed to transform the way life safety and rescue education are taught across the country. For too long there has been a blinders approach to teaching.  The “my way” is the best way is outdated and doesn’t work efficiently, effectively or economically anymore.  SEC is designed to collaborate with the best in the industry in order to bring the newest, best and most comprehensive educational experience to those we teach.  We are determined to make the best educational experience and environment for our students.  All parties within the consortium are determined to work together in such a manner to encourage an atmosphere of collaboration. This collaboration alliance is designed to support an effective and efficient partnership to establish best practices in safety education.

SEC, LLC sets to change a trend we find troubling, exacerbated by the Covid pandemic. Many private companies, trade schools and instructors have pulled back from teaching outside of their geographical area. Our primary goal is to match the client to the proper company or instructors to reach the highest level of instruction at the lowest possible price anywhere the education is requested. SEC, LLC has partnered with both external and internal consortia businesses. We understand this is not the norm in consortium based companies but SEC, LLC has done this to become partners with high level educators in the industry. SEC, LLC is designed as a network of the best companies working towards a common goal.  

SEC, LLC and the consortium’s partners education certificates are backed by Pro Board through Great Oaks Public Safety whenever the contract requests this need. Pro Board certificates are recognized across state lines unlike many state to state reciprocity transfers. It affords an easier and seamless transfer if transferred across state lines, promote or changing duty station locations for the Department of Defense.  

SEC, LLC. will also do site specific Integrated Contingency Planning in addition to any Emergency Response Plan needed for emergency operations.  SEC, LLC. will also teach and review any and all documents created with employees. Within this process we will create emergency planning designed in accordance with NIIMS, local, state and federal guidelines. We create site specific active shooter response planning and training with local and state emergency responders.   

Meet Our President / CEO

Jeffrey Neal

President / CEO

Jeffrey Neal is the owner of Safety Education Consortium; LLC that is a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. He was awarded the General Creighton W. Abrams award/medal in 1995 while at Fort Knox Ky. Soon after leaving the military he began a career in the fire service being hired as a career firefighter/paramedic in 1998. Jeffrey has served the west side of Cincinnati his entire career being assigned to the busiest companies. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2010 and has served on the busiest Truck 21/35 since 2013.

Jeffrey is a self-motivated, reliable and hard-working person who has excelled in the fire service. He went on to further his education and obtained his civilian Paramedic (NREMT-P), Hazardous Material Technician, Rescue Technician and Instructor certifications. He has been deployed to hurricanes, tornado, other technical responses and devastated areas across the country to mitigate hazardous environments. Over his career he has been an internal instructor with the Cincinnati Fire Departments Training Division.

Jeffrey has been an instructor for more than 20 years teaching new and seasoned firefighters to include officer ranks. Jeffrey has instructed for fire departments across the country including military assets while assisting several companies. Great Oaks approached him several years ago to teach for them in the fields of fire, EMS and rescue operations. Jeffrey is a lead instructor in all classes excluding Fire Investigator and Drone Operations. He has been a direct instructor for military assets teaching ARFF, ARFF driver, Hazardous Materials Technician, Hazardous Materials Incident Command, confined space and rope rescue.

Jeffrey thoroughly enjoys the world of business and adult career education. He became a government contractor to instruct our service members from all branches to meet their current and long-term career needs. He knows there are many different conditions and needs for local, state and federal government entities. The multiple needs and ever-changing science within the fire/EMS service drove his decision to build Safety Education Consortium LLC. He built this company as a partnership of companies all striving to deliver the best educational experience to exceed a private company or governmental entities needs.

Jeffrey currently holds multiple instructor and teaching certifications/licenses. He is certified to teach using the multiple certifications as follows:

  • State of Ohio Division of Fire/EMS
  • State of Ohio Department of Education
    Career Technical Teaching License
  • Adult Education License
  • Substitute Teaching Multi-Age PK-12 License
  • HSI EMS Safety Education
  • Pro Board

Jeffrey is currently in college working to obtain his business degree as he works with SCORE Cincinnati and the Veterans Administration to build his company.

Jeffrey also holds a Class A CDL for over 20 years, certified rigging specialist certification, and heavy equipment operator experience. He is a physical fitness instructor with a focus on strength/condition, powerlifting and speed/agility coaching certifications. Jeffrey has instructed athletes from grade school to adult powerlifting athletes. He possesses the ability to break down needed information into an understandable form for students across a wide-ranging spectrum.

Cincinnati, OH
(513) 404-9578